If You Want to Live A Long Time, You Should Avoid Men. According to THIS 109 Year Old woman.

109-year-old Jessie Gallan argued that one of the keys to her extremely long-lived happiness and success was the Scottish tradition of eating a warm bowl of porridge each morning of her life. Of course, she also suggested there were other primary reasons for her inhuman achievement—staying as far away from all males as possible, for instance. As per the Daily Mail, Gallan believed that men were “just more trouble than they [were] worth.” She left home at 13, and she took-up milking cows to earn a living and to survive: “I worked hard and seldom would I ever take a holiday.”

It’s important to note that Gallan didn’t simply make revelations such as these and then move on to look for the next one. Instead, when she implemented a life philosophy that she felt strongly about, she stayed true to that philosophy for the remainder of her life in both spirit and action. As you could imagine, Gallan never married once over the course of her life, but as a result of this she ended up being more independent and durable—or more independent, durable, and all-around more capable than most other human beings.

One caregiver proclaims that Gallan was “absolutely amazing,” and perhaps this shouldn’t come as a surprise either; not only did Gallan survive to be 109, but she thrived in every one of those years. More specifically, Gallan almost always made it to church on time, and she attended exercise classes regularly.

Checkout the YouTube video below to get a better of understanding of who Jessie Gallan really was—and what it really was that she achieved.


Gallan passed away in March 2015 (in Aberdeen, Scotland), and as mentioned, she kept and lived her uniquely successful philosophies until her final day. Aside from her remarkable age serving as something for all of us to aspire to and to be inspired by, Gallan’s uncommon yet successful characteristics and beliefs are proof that believing in and staying true to yourself can be miraculously positive and productive.

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