Little Girl Has Perfect Response To Sexist Homework Question

I was in middle school during the early 2000’s. I remember one day noticing the globe in my history classroom still had the Soviet Union on it. In that moment I learned how hard it was update anything at a school. 

It seems like that problem hasn’t gotten any better since I left. Recently a young girl was given a homework assignment about words with the “ur” sound such as “turkey” or “purple.” One of the questions asked her for a “ur” word that meant “hospital lady” and she had the perfect response.

— Robert Sutcliffe (@liveRPancSurg) October 11, 2017

The tweet came from the girl’s father who mentions that both he and the mother are surgeons, which may be partially why she answered that way. Also because it’s 2017 and women can be surgeons if they please. 

Everyone who has seen the tweet is praising her for fighting the patriarchy. 

More power to your daughter! Go girl! Be anything you want to be xxx

— Wondering Woman (@Boo_Sherratt) October 11, 2017

— Jane O’Hara (@janekohara) October 12, 2017

Here’s to your daughter continuing to smash things…walls, perceptions, stereotypes, realities.. 👏

— RAB (@MD2b_) October 12, 2017

Other people still can’t believe that “hospital lady” is a phrase at all. 

— BELLA LUGOSI 🦇 (@ohbellablog) October 11, 2017

Neither actually fits. Surgeons and nurses can be both male and female. The answer is outdated and sexist.

— I-Po74 (@IPo74) October 12, 2017

The copyright date at the bottom shows 1997! Good grief, they haven’t updated their worksheets in 20 years? For shame! (❤️ her answers tho!)

— Jemma Hill (@tottwriter) October 12, 2017

Here’s to you, kid! May you be whatever you want to be! 


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