Look What Happened To North Dakota Farmer 24 Hrs After Mowing Anti-Protests Message Into Field

The national anthem has become quite a controversial issue. Nobody seems to be exempt from taking a stand on the matter. No pun intended.

Whether they are left or right everybody is on different sides. Politicians, public servants, celebrities, veterans, everyday people, everyone is voicing their opinion. While some praise it as a form of peaceful protest against systemic racism in society, others are calling it a disgrace to the national anthem, to our veterans, and to our country.

One person, in particular, is taking a stand and voicing his opinion publically. He is a farmer from North Dakota who expressed his support by etching it into his farming fields. The President even gave him a little bit of attention on social media for showing support for the national anthem and the President. In the field, the rows read, “We stand for the national anthem.”

The farmer’s name is Gene Hanson and he is from Edgeley, North Dakota. He cut the message into a harvested field in retaliation for the NFL protests that are taking place. When speaking with Fox News he described why he disagrees with NFL protestors kneeling during the anthem. He said,

“I didn’t think it was anything about black, white or brown, or Democrat. It was about honoring our flag and our country. There’s a lot of people that died for it.”

Minnesota CBS reported,

“In a Facebook post, Trump called Hanson a “great American…who is standing up for our flag, our anthem and our country! Hanson has previously made crop messages in support of Trump. Others read “Drain The Swamp,”“Vote Trump, Never Hillary,” and “GOP Get Your Act Together.” He also gained internet attention after making a tribute to Prince following the musician’s 2016 overdose death.

WDAY TV reports that Hanson’s most recent political message is about two football fields wide and took about two hours to create. The farmer told Fox and Friends that he creates the messages with his tractor and mows the letters by counting rows in the field. He then goes-up on his plane to take photos. He says an initial version of his anti-protest message contained a typo, so he had to start over.”

Gene is known for doing this on more than one occasion. In the past he has etched phrases such as “Drain the Swamp,”“Blue Lives Matter,”“GOP, get your act together” and “Vote Trump” into the field. While everyone has the right to express their opinions how they choose nobody can deny this is certainly an interesting way to do it. One in which gives him widespread recognition while also getting his point across.

Fox News reported the following on the story adding that,

“Hanson told Fox News he got his “We Stand for the National Anthem” message right on the second try. During the first attempt, he was interrupted by a passerby with only two letters to go. He soon relocated to another section of the field. Hanson said he initially wanted to add an addendum —“We kneel at the cross”— but the plan was foiled by the first frost of the season. Hanson said, weather permitting, he plans to add that phrase soon.

Hanson and his wife, Darlene, are Lutherans and attend church regularly. He also describes himself as a Republican and Trump supporter, and he had the chance to get a picture of the president when Trump came to North Dakota for a tax reform speech in September. “I was 20 feet away from him,” Hanson said. “It was a good meeting and the president stayed on script.” Hanson said he believes Trump is trying to do well but faces a “continuous battle” in Washington, D.C. And Hanson said he’s doing all he can to send his support from his Edgeley farm.”

People like Gene are an example of the silent majority. The working class Americans that love President Trump for what he stands for, and who have now been enlightened now that he has taken office. They are no longer remaining in the shadows and they are being vocal about their beliefs and are not afraid anymore to show them. They should be proud for taking a stand.

These NFL protestors have a right to kneel even if it is a disrespectful thing to do. Well, Gene has his rights, and he is using them judiciously and his point is clear. America is great, and it is great because of the selfless men and women who sacrifice their lives for this country and they deserve to be respected by Americans standing for the national anthem and the American flag. Clearly, some people just don’t get that. But the war of the media narrative on this issue has definitely been won by President Trump and Gene’s actions prove just that.

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